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Inverclean Services are pleased to offer a  complete and comprehensive professional  carpet cleaning service to the commercial  and industrial market. We have at our disposal, small stain and  spot cleaning machines and methods  through to larger hot water extraction  machines for larger areas of flooring.  All of our cleaning systems use the most up  to date and innovative cleaning technology  ensuring that all odours, allergens and dust  mites are safely removed.
All floor types both natural such as stone, tiles,  granite and man made flooring such as linoleum,  safety altro floors and vinyl can be catered for  including initial treatment/re-treatment,  rejuvenation, sealing and waxing as well as  maintaining non-porous floors such as quarry  tiles, marble and terrazzo.  We are skilled at working on soiling problems  such as oil, petrol and diesel spills, grease  breakdown and removals of fats, scale, soap,  blood and mould on most surfaces.  Some typical situations and locations where our  cleaning operatives can make a difference are:  Hotel, Bars, Restaurants, Pubs and Clubs  Cinemas, Sport Arenas and Stadiums  Hospitals and Airports  Schools, Colleges, Leisure Centres and  Local Authorities. 
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