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The pharmaceutical industry, manufactures,  medical research and care, there are many areas  of enterprise which demand very special  environments kept totally free from  contamination.  It is in this special and precise  form of cleaning that Inverclean offers particular  added value. We have combined continuing investment in the  latest most appropriate equipment and in  specialised training for our staff with our  dedication to quality and meticulous attention to  every detail. The result is a total service that offers you the  specific skills, technology and experience needed  to keep your special environments of excellence  contamination free.
CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENTS  Inverclean maintain controlled environments  such as Class 1 Buildings and Computer Rooms  by specially trained operatives using only  chemicals and machinery having British  Standard approval and being suitable for the  environment. HOSPITALS  The need for the highest standard of clinical  cleanliness in hospital environments is obvious.   At Inverclen, we have a broad and varied  experience of cleaning and sterilising surfaces,  removing all germs and bacteria.
Clinical Cleaning