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When a sewage disaster occurs in a business or  home, it is critical that the affected area is  thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to minimise  the potential for disease.  Sewage has a multiple  varieties of bacteria, viruses parasites that if not  properly dealt with can cause serious illness.  It it important to understand that many of the  items that have been sewage damages are most  likely to be disposed of.  In most cases cleaning up of sewage disasters  involves removing the flooring or carpeting in  the affected areas and removing affected  materials.  Once this has been carried out we  beging the disinfection process, using  specialised cleaning solutions that kill bacteria  and disinfect the affected areas from sewage  damage.
Once the areas is clear and dry we will disinfect  and use our odour management solutions to  return your property to the best possible shape in  the quickest time. The urgency to clean a property from a sewage  disaster is amongst the highest priority for  Inverclean Services.
Sewage Clean Up