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We work locally in a specialist industry to safely,  effectively and professionally clean up the aftermath  of a crime scene or scene of a violent death.  This is  often a traumatic event for those finding such a  scene.  Police and rescue authorities will not get  involved in this type of clean up operation.  It may  then fall upon the family and relatives to organise  the cleaning of these scenes.  As trained technicians, we have the skills,  knowledge and correct equipment to carry out all  types of trauma and decontamination cleaning.  Due  to the nature of our work we are a service provider  to local authorities, housing associations, domestic  properties and the private sector.  We will carry out restoration cleaning on private  and public sites, construction sites, police cells and  vehicles in fact anywhere that this service is  required.
We will handle the clean up of all forms of death, clear and  decontaminate properties and all affected areas.  All bodily  fluids and spills will be disinfected and cleaned from all  affected surfaces.  We recognise the potential danger of  blood borne pathogens and the potential harm they can  cause.  Using only the most suitable cleaning methods and  applications along with the correct use of cleaning  chemicals we will sanitise and decontaminate the affected  site and then restore to a “ready to occupy” state.  We are trained in the use of insecticides to successfully  control and eradicate all infestations including microbial  insects and flies found at the site of decomposition or  heavily soiled sites.  We guarantee to handle all calls and subsequent work in a  thorough, discreet and professional manner.  Due to the  sensitive nature of this cleaning, we are sure you will insist  upon using a company that understands those needs and  will carry out all restoration compassionately and  sensitively.  This is our promise to you. 
Trauma & Crime Scene